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Urchin Divers are a hard working group dedicated to the health and welfare of the ecosystem from which they are farming. Scroll down for highlights of our divers in action!

diver waving on boat to camera under water
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Michael Thomas Blog Series

Michael is an urchin diver, and merchant marine. Check out experiences first-hand as he shares an inside view of the California sea urchin business.

abandon ship

Abandon Ship

A Diver Story by Michael Thomas Abandon ship!! There was a time when an opportunity arose for me shower in…

Robin Brown at Johnsons Lee

Robin Brown at Johnsons Lee

A Diver Story by Michael Thomas The name of the vessel escapes me at the moment, however my week long…

The Integrity

A Diver Story by Michael Thomas Right around the time the sea urchin business really started to take off, I…

Video Collection

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We are currently looking for first hand account stories to add to this page from divers, tenders, processors, and other individuals involved in the California sea urchin industry.

Please submit a 500 word or less submission to the commission for review!