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The California Sea Urchin Commission

Our mission is to ensure a reliable, sustainable supply of quality sea urchin products to consumers and enhance the performance of California’s sea urchin industry.

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Why California Uni

California Sea Urchin (California Uni) is harvested from the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean off the California Coast. These urchins are unique, due to the water temperature and the food source for the sea urchin. Check out some of our uni resources below.

The benefits of California Uni

California Sea Urchin is hand selected and processed locally to ensure freshness. Learn about uni!

Where to Buy Uni

Check out our growing list of processors as well as our licensed California Sea Urchin divers.

Preparing Uni

Check out our resources that show you how to crack a Sea Urchin open will reveal the edible portion of the sea urchin, uni. Check out our resources that show you how.

Meet Our Divers

The California Sea Urchin Diver is a dedicated hard working fisherman who spends a majority of their time underwater, harvesting the reefs for delicious sea urchin roe. They are dedicated to the preservation of the areas they dive and fish.

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Recent News & Events

Stay up-to-date with issues that matter to the California Sea Urchin Commission.

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