Website Revamp Project

the new california urchin website

The Website Revamp Project The Rebuild in 2021 The CSUC website revamp project is on task, having raised just under $2,000.00 from divers, processors, and other fishery organizations. We have named a web designer, KK Design, who will rebuild the site and maintain the site in the future. We have a target date of December…

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Abandon Ship

abandon ship

A Diver Story by Michael Thomas Abandon ship!! There was a time when an opportunity arose for me shower in a waterfall. It was a pleasant passing daydream that became overwhelming when I spotted the idyllic scene at the end of a beach in a little town just south of Pt Arena, Cooks beach in…

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Marine Life Protection Act 10 year decadal review

marine protected areas

Marine Life Protection’s 10 year decadal review. The first decadal management review of California’s MPA network is scheduled to commence in 2022. Called for in the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) master plan for MPAs, the 10-year review will compare statewide monitoring results relative to regional baseline conditions. This work is being conducted by The…

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Urchinomics In an effort to restore kelp beds, rid barren reefs of purple urchins, and explore a new source of Uni, urchinomics has been working with Sea Urchin Divers to harvest and essentially clear out areas of barron reefs of purple sea urchins. Urchinomics’ purpose is to rehabilitate unhealthy oceans into healthy ecosystems for the…

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Cares 2 Update

California Coast

Cares 2 Update The Cares 2 act window of opportunity to apply for funds has closed. The deadline was November 17, 2021. For more information or to check on the status of your application, please visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Cares Act webpage. There is no answer yet for what date decisions…

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