Disaster Declared by the Governor for Northern California Sea Urchin Fishery

About the Disaster Declaration

How did we get here and where are we going from here?

The CSUC has successfully requested a disaster declaration for the Northern California Sea Urchin territory. The disaster declaration was signed by the Governor’s desk and the funds are to be allocated to divers who met the criteria set. There are also funds available for mitigation (See Disaster Mitigation Funding Allocation)

Ventura Port Representative Commissioner, Dave Colker held a zoom meeting on this topic. Please review the following minutes and watch the video of the meeting to learn more about the disaster declaration.

Watch the zoom meeting video

*It is important to note that the meeting starts at 36 minutes and 30 seconds into the recording. Please adjust the video to the 36:30 mark as you view the meeting. Here are the major moments highlighted from the video.

  • 00:39:30 Meeting called to order
  • 00:45:45 Overview of the Fishery management disaster declaration application for 2016 through current.
  • 01:20:36 Voting (polling) and comments from participants
  • 01:43:00 CSUC budget
  • 01:46:31 State of the Commission
  • 01:49:01 Harbor updates – Oxnard and Ventura
  • 02:01:46 Other business – Opportunities for divers to participate in North kelp restoration and purple urchin removal -Grant Downie
  • 02:12:20 NEW DEVELOPMENT – Bay Foundation and Assembly Bill 1279 – funding for kelp restoration state-wide

*Please take the time to watch the 30 minute recap on Overview of Fishery management disaster declaration application for 2016 through current.

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